A deli platter showcasing a variety of salami slices, crackers, olives, and cherry tomatoes, elegantly arranged on a white plate.

Crafting the Ultimate Antipasti Sharing Plate with Swiss Deli Delights

Picture a rustic wooden table groaning beneath an array of vibrant colours, textures, and enticing aromas, hinting at the tastes you are about to indulge in.  

Online Meats invites you to gather your friends and family around the table to enjoy the ultimate antipasti sharing platter. The much-loved Mediterranean tradition of antipasti lays out a tempting spread of cured meats, cheeses, olives, and more to awaken the senses and pave the way for an unforgettable meal. 

With Swiss Deli's delicious range of products now available at Online Meats, you can effortlessly bring the taste of the heart of the Alps to your table without even leaving the house. 

The Art of Antipasti

Antipasti is not just about food; it is a celebration of life, family, and being together. Originating in mediaeval Italy, the word "antipasto" has Latin roots with "anti" meaning "before" and "pastus," relating to a meal. This "before meal" tradition encourages shared experiences and conversation and hints at the enjoyment ahead.

The combination of flavours in an antipasti platter should cover all facets of taste, from sweet to salty to sour to bitter to umami. These are heightened by the varying colours and textures on the platter, all setting the stage for the dining experience to follow.

An antipasti platter is an appetiser, so the individual elements should be small and light. It is also a quick and easy dish to prepare by simply arranging ingredients on a platter and letting the beautiful colours and flavours do the presentation work for you.

Swiss Deli's Finest Selection

Since 1982, Swiss Deli has used traditional European recipes and production methods to manufacture artisanal continental-style delicatessen meats and smallgoods.  

From the spicy kick of the Spanish chorizo to the delicately flavoured champagne ham, Online Meats is delighted to bring this authentic taste of Europe to your place. Starting your meal the European way is as easy as heaping your favourite platter with delicious tidbits like the Hunter pork stick - a smoked, dried and full-bodied salami-style sausage made from select cuts of New Zealand pork - and the alpine salami's rich aroma will whet appetites for what is to come.

Building Your Antipasti Plate

The rules for creating the perfect antipasti platter are … there are no rules! Create your antipasti platter based on the ingredients you and your guests will love.  

Generally, an antipasti platter will include charcuterie, cheese, dips, raw, pickled or roasted vegetables, olives, nuts and fruits. It is a good idea to consider combinations, foods that will complement each other. For example, speck (a lightly smoked ham) goes beautifully with gherkins or other pickled vegetables. Or a coarse liver pate is delicious with crusty bread or crisp vegetable sticks.

As long as you have included a variety of textures and tastes on your antipasti platter, your guests will be free to create their own delicious combinations.

Sitting Pretty - Antipasti Presentation Tips

A beautiful-looking antipasti platter almost takes care of itself, but here are a few tips to keep in mind for a platter that looks as good as it tastes.

Platters matters 

Choose the right-sized platter for the occasion. If you only have a few guests, a platter that is too large will look sparse and ungenerous. Similarly, a platter that is too small will end up a mess. A classic white platter lets the colours of the food pop. A wooden platter offers rustic charm.

Colours and contrasts 

Consider the colours and shapes of the foods you will place on your platter. Variety will add interest and appeal. 

What goes where

Use small bowls or ramekins for oily or wet ingredients like olives and dips. Crostini sticks can be placed vertically in a cup or bowl to create height. 

Fill the gaps 

After you have arranged your Swiss Deli charcuterie, fill the gaps in the platter with other ingredients like bread or vegetables.


A few snips of herbs from your garden make a pretty garnish, with herbs like rosemary and thyme adding a delicious aroma.

Pairing With Beverages

What goes well with an antipasti platter besides good company? A perfectly paired drink, of course.  

Bubbles are always a fun way to start a soirée and a dry and bubbly wine like Prosecco is an excellent choice to enjoy with your antipasti. Rosé pairs beautifully with prosciutto or a delicately-flavoured ham. And it is not just wine; a crisp Czech pilsner enhances the sweetness of roasted red peppers, or you can enjoy a rye pale ale with a few slices of salami

For the non-drinkers, the sparkle of a refreshing glass of San Pellegrino mineral water or soda is the ideal Italian amigo.

An antipasti platter is an easy, but impressive, way to entertain, setting the scene for your guests with a promise of a magical meal ahead. With Swiss Deli's exquisite range of products now available through Online Meats' convenient delivery service, creating the perfect antipasti sharing plate has never been easier. Gather your friends and family, as well as some quality ingredients. And remember to get some photos. We would love to see your antipasti creation on Online Meats' Facebook page or tag @onlinemeats.co.nz on Instagram.