La Fermiere™ Genuine NZ Pork & Fennel Sausages (6 per pack)

0.5 kg

Our Pork & Fennel sausages are made by our in house Sausage maker using only the highest quality Fresh New Zealand pork. Our pork comes from the Duroc and Hampshire breeds and carries the essential fat that produces really succulent, flavoursome meat. You will find our range of artisan sausages carry a depth of pork flavour because our pigs have been reared naturally and produce the sweetest flavoured pork sausages.

We source all our pork products from Pig Care™ accredited New Zealand Pork

All our sausages are made from, Natural Casings & are Gluten Free, MDM Free, Hormone Free and Antibiotic Free

Server per packet: 6 sausages 
Weight: 480g - 500g

Customer Reviews

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Enzo Knap
Always good

My favourite combination of flavours!!

Mal Moorhead
So tasty

Good quality and very tasty, they stay the same size when cooked, so to me that is full of meat and no fat or water added.

Pork & fennel sausages

So tasty. Actually squeezed the insides out to create delicious meatballs with tons of flavour -easy & quick

Wendy Hoare
Pork and fennel sausages

These are our all time favorite sausages. We eat them normally, and I also make them into sausage rolls, they are superb. I just take the skins off put in a bowl with sweated off carrot 1 small sweated onion 1 small.both grated before sweating extra fennel seeds and pepper and salt. Make into s/ rolls egg wash and put a few fennel seeds on top. Yummy

Tasty As!!

Wanted to try the pork and fennel sausages and was not disappointed. Beautiful flavor and not overpowered by the fennel, cooked up nicely, no need for tomato sauce on these!!