NZ Beef & Lamb Quality Mark

Quality ingredients are a vital part of any recipe and when it comes to selecting the very best quality beef and lamb, you need look no further than the New Zealand Beef and Lamb Quality Mark. Only retailers/suppliers that are certified butchers can fly the Beef and Lamb Quality Mark.

Established in 1997, the Quality Mark is your assurance the beef and lamb you buy is New Zealand grown, consistently lean and tender. Only beef and lamb that has met the highest quality standards such as eating quality, food safety and animal welfare can hold the Quality Mark. Rest assured that here at Online Meats we have earned the right to display this mark on our products.

The Quality Mark's integrity is guaranteed through regular auditing at every step in the production chain, ensuring the highest standards are maintained. All Quality Mark cuts must adhere to a trimming standard which means meat must be trimmed to a maximum of 5mm external fat along with removal of all internal fat where possible. This is no simple task and only those that truly care for their product and customers will put in the effort to present this quality. Often cuts are trimmed completely and have no visible fat at all. To be eligible for Quality Mark, mince must contain less than 10% fat.

Why have the Quality Mark?

The New Zealand Beef and Lamb Quality Mark is a symbol to help customers recognise quality. The Quality Mark label assures customers that the beef and lamb has met high standards of:

  • New Zealand grown
  • Free range
  • Tender
  • Free of Hormone Growth Promotants (HGPs)
  • Processed under the highest animal welfare standards
  • Reaches the highest standards of food safety

Auditing the Quality Mark

The Quality Mark programme involves producers, processors, wholesalers, retailers and marketers. To ensure the success of the Quality Mark, regular auditing is undertaken at all points to ensure standards are being met. Processors and independent wholesalers are audited on average a minimum once a year and retailers are audited up to twice a year. Product tenderness is audited at point of sale (retail).

For more information please refer to the official NZ Beef and lamb website