5 Nighter Meat Box - 2 Person Box

3.0 kg

Great value, low cost meat pack, perfect for weekday dinner's. All our meat is delicious and all New Zealand fresh. This is a great tasting value box for the money , you wont be disappointed.

If you want a great value , low cost meat box this is the one for you . 

  • 1 packet x 500 gms Angus Beef Mince
  • 1 packet x 500 gms Lamb Loin chops
  • 1 packet x 400 gms Chicken Breast Skin On
  • 1 packet x Angus Beef Sirloin Steaks (2 x 250 gm per pkt)
  • 1 packet x Angus Beef Patties (4 x 150 gm per pkt)


Customer Reviews

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Order 1

Easy to order. Delivered on time. Well packed. Fresh. To marks

First time order - coming back for more

Got the dreaded 'second line' on my RAT 2 hours before I was due to fly out on holiday. We had intentionally run down our supplies so we didn't come home to sentient life in the fridge, so had to get food online. My usual butcher was not available for deliveries, so I tried online.meats.co.nz for the first time.
Got the 5 day pack and it was excellent. The quality of the meat was fantastic and having it all pre-portioned really helped - there was no waste and I didn't have to do the breakdown and repack routine, which I really was too ill to do.
Delivery was quick, well packed and chilled, with consistent communication. Spoke to the driver through the door who did a contactless delivery.
Very good value for high quality meat. I'm recovered now, but will be putting in another order.
Thanks team - much appreciated.

Delicious meat

Really good quality, great prices and delicious.

Judy McGlashan
Thank you

Arrived well packed... And on the day intended.
Delicious and satisfying

Yvonne Crighton
5 Nighter Meat Box

Quality of the meat was superb and the quantity was ample for two people. Just placed another order for a variety of cuts.