Angus Beef Eye Round 1kg

1.0 kg
The eye of round (eye round) is an extremely lean small roast cut from the Round primal between the top round, outside round and heel. It is best cooked slowly (roasted or braised) & cut very thinly across the grain.  Recommend to cook in Slow Cooker for best results. It can also be used for inexpensive steak dishes if cut thinly & thoroughly tenderized.

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Deborah A
Nana A

Loved my order. The steak was tasty and more than enough for me for the price! Will definitely buy again.

Angus beef eye round 1kg

I cooked this using my air fryer rotisserie - perfect size for it. I put a tin of water underneath to keep it moist and basted it regularly with garlic herb butter. Cooked it on max first for 15 mins to sear, than dropped temp right down to 160 and then further down 120 later as my side dishes weren't ready and let it rest (all up under an hour and half). Used a thermometer to check temp often and to get it to medium rare and it was really good. Was very tender, able to cut it with a butter knife. I was worried it would be dry cooking it fast, but the rotisserie and steam kept it very moist. Very economical - will serve two meals, sliced it fine and served over mash with caramelised balsamic onions and mushrooms and will do open roast beef and gravy sandwiches. Best part, barely any clean up!

Angus Beef Eye Round

Awesome cut of meat tasty and lean

Louise Skipper
Angus beef eye round

Fantastic cut of meat - tasted delicious. Will definitely order again and again


I didn’t really know what to expect but googled cooking methods and followed that. Really lean good quality meat, have slow cooked and pulled apart for lunches. Great quality, will definitely buy again