Angus Beef Rump Steaks 2 x 250gm

0.5 kg

When it comes to a good value steak with lots of flavour, then beef rump is the best choice. We use Genuine Angus™ that is 100% New Zealand grass fed. A great all rounder steak, rump is a little firmer in texture and is perfect for cooking as a steak for the evening meal or the BBQ. Try our Portion Cut Steaks at 250gms each, you won’t regret it.

All our award-winning, grass-fed beef is from our Genuine Angus Beef™ range.  A slow-growing breed our Genuine Angus Beef cattle are 100% grass-fed for their entire lives and slowly grown until they naturally reach maturity at around 31-36 months old. Slow growing cattle breeds and farming in harmony with nature helps us to achieve consistent taste, texture and excellent marbling in all our grass-fed Angus Beef. All of our grass-fed Genuine Angus Beef™is hung on the bone, to develop a wonderfully rounded depth of flavour.