Pork Roast (tied with string)

1.5 kg

Traditional Pork Roast with skin on great for crispy crackling, you just cant beat it. A firm favourite for a great weekend roast. This roast is boneless and is juicy and succulent.

Our New Zealand Fresh Pork comes from the Durox and Hampshire pork breeds and carries the essential fat that produces really succulent, flavoursome meat. You will find our range of hand-butchered pork will be a deeper pink in colour than the intensively reared alternatives and because our pigs have been reared naturally and hung for longer, the skin provides the most wonderful, crispy crackling and deep flavour profiles. 

100% New Zealand pork, you can be confident that it comes from pigs born and raised to the world’s high animal welfare standards using sustainable farming practices.

Comes in 1.5kg & 2.5kg pieces, freshly cut New Zealand Pork by our In-house Master Butchers

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Natasha Henare

Highly recommended, fast delivery and well packaged. Beautiful cuts of meat

John Rowland
Best Meats as always!

Beautiful piece of pork,tender and delicious!

Adrienne Ackerman
Roast Pork Devine

Easily the best roast pork! Tender, feeds a lot of the family, e.g. 6 adults and one child

Chanel Patia
Great quality fresh meat!

Love how fresh the meat is. Gonna be a regular customer going forth.

Judy Jenkins
Pork Roast tided with string

delicious, easy to cook, piece that crackles up beautifully and carves even easier. Highly recommended. So tender😀