Pork Sirloin Steaks 2 x 200gm

0.4 kg

Pork loin steak is easy, tasty and incredibly adaptable. Pork loin steaks are so easy to throw together for a quick weeknight meal.

2 Steaks per pack , freshly cut to order by our Inhouse Master Butchers

 Some tips on how to cook them from Alex our City and Guilds chef .

  • Only flip them once; when some browning has happened on the underside.
  • Don't use a spatula to press down on the steaks. This removes all the juices and dries out the steaks.
  • Season thoroughly before adding the pork loin steaks to the pan.
  • Don't overcrowd the pan. Make sure that each steak has enough room to breathe.
  • Make sure to use enough butter. Don't substitute for oil or cooking spray.
  • The steaks have cooked through when the juices run clear, not red. Pork loin steaks can be prepared medium to rare (slightly pink meat), or well done (completely white meat). The meat will feel more firm and tough the more cooked it is.