Summer BBQ boxes of meat

Summer BBQ boxes of meat

No two words belong together more than ‘summer’ and ‘barbecue’. New Zealanders are passionate about firing up the backyard grill and settling in for a day of kai with friends and family. And why shouldn’t we be? We have all the necessary ingredients for a successful barbecue; sun, backyard games, good craft beers and wine, homegrown veggies and most importantly great meat.

For the latter, Online Meats are here to put restaurant quality meat on your barbecue for a portion of the price. We’re unique in the sense that we have an on-site team of butchers offering high-quality cuts of meat that can be delivered directly to your door, or you can pick your meat up and see our butchers in the process. The meat we sell to you is the same meat we provide restaurants with. It’s that good.

We thought we’d get you started this summer with a selection of our best BBQ boxes. 


Summer must be here because our Summer BBQ Meat Box certainly is. Get the barbie out with this big box of tasty meats. Includes:

4 x Angus Beef Scotch Steaks 

4 x Angus Beef Sirloin Steaks 

4 x Angus Beef Patties 

6 x Traditional Pork Sausages 

6 x Traditional Beef Sausages

1kg Thick Cut Streaky Bacon

Chicken Thighs Skin on Boneless 


If you want a good value and a lot of great quality meat this is the one for you. Our best seller box, incredible value for money. A firm family favourite to please everyone . Only the best quality New Zealand meat at affordable prices delivered to your door. 

1kg Premium Beef Mince 

1kg Traditional Pork Sausages

1.5kg Pork Roast

1 kg Chicken Drumsticks

6 x Beef Rump Steaks 

1 kg Old Fashioned Shoulder Bacon


For a more intimate BBQ-for-two, our tomahawk steaks are back. Don’t let a lack of guests deter you from heading to the backyard for dinner. These rich, juicy and flavourful steaks will give you the 'wow' factor. The beauty of this cut is that it is thick and chunky.

2 X 500 grams tomahawk steak


Spring might be the name, but summer’s the perfect time for this one. Including a whole chicken, this box offers a great variety of meats - and lots of them. Give this one a try and you’ll never look back 

1 x Premium Diced Beef

1 x Premium Beef Mince

1 x Whole Size 18 Chicken

1 x Streaky Bacon 

1 x Chicken Drumsticks 

1 x Pork Roast 

1 x Traditional Pork Sausages 

The best bit? These are just half our value boxes on offer, so you’re sure to find the perfect mix of meats for you. Whether you want to stay home or head to the beach for your barbecue, there’s only one choice when it comes to meat. The quality and value of Online Meats. Contact us today and make your order for the weekend.