Lamb Leg Boneless (netted) 1.8kg

2.0 kg

Our fresh Lamb Leg Boneless is a great choice for any meal. It is carefully netted for ease of preparation and flavor retention, ensuring you get the best out of the leg. An ideal option for roasting or slow cooking, you can enjoy succulent results with every dish.

From locally bred flocks that have been purely grass-fed on lush, natural pastures rich in wild grasses, flowers and herbs to produce a rich, full flavour, our free-range lamb is sourced from small, local, family run farms in the Waikato and Wairarapa with the highest standards of animal welfare.

Weight: 1.8kg - 2.0kg

Customer Reviews

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Boneless Lamb Leg

Really happy with the size of the roast, lovely and tender. Also really happy with the Customer Service. The lady I spoke to checked with me re the delivery time - their delivery run for the area was evening, and it was to a business address. She changed our order and had it delivered to home, even though we thought that wouldn't be an option as we are rural delivery. Will definitely order again, thanks.

Boneless Lamb leg

Absolutely every bit of the quality piece we were led to expect. Well done.....more please!

Sonya Kiddie
Lamb leg boneless

Beautiful taste, texture and size for a superb family dinner

James Brierley

Great bit of lamb, highly recommend

Clinton els
Lamb leg boneless

Excellent quality meat right through the bank, affordable and really great quality of meat definitely worth it I’ll definitely buy again😁