Angus Beef Brisket Point End

1.0 kg
$19.95 $21.95

A flavourful cut that becomes tender when cooked slowly at low temperatures. The traditional cut used for corned beef, and popular as smoked barbecue.

Genuine Angus™ that is 100% New Zealand Grass Fed

Comes in 1kg ,2kg pieces , freshly cut by our In-house Master Butchers

Customer Reviews

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Joelene Skelton
Super yum

Great quality, no gristle or globs of fat. Tastes really good. Enjoying all the meat I've ordered from Online Meats!

Julie Redder
Angus beef

Absolutely amazing, best ever…recommend these butchers to all, they really deliver the best meat.

Ani Topia

Cooking wasn't for as long as I usually cook but still tender and tasty

Rose Stephens
Thank you

I haven’t been able to enjoy my little piece of point end just yet. I’ve put it in the freezer to keep so I can enjoy it at a later date. Thank you very much for the fast delivery, of that I was very impressed. I don’t have a thermometer to measure temp on arrival but I can say my meat was cool to the touch and freezer packs were still frozen. I have been able to enjoy the Bacon which was superb, I’ve already contemplated ordering again. Also the chicken sausages first time trying those not bad indeed! Chicken thigh cutlets were great I made chicken burgers with a mushroom cream reduction sauce of corse using the fried yummy goodness of the chicken as the base for my sauce. Altogether very appreciative to be able to receive a meat delivery in my area as. New World doesn’t deliver to my address and Countdown only offers dry goods delivery at approx $30+ for delivery. I am very impressed at your delivery price and timing indeed, packaging was also on point. Thank you so very much I will definitely be ordering again and have already recommended via word of mouth. I have a unfinished cart that I do need to fulfil, I was just trying to curb my excitement to be very honest and make myself wait. Thank you once again.

Olivia Wilson
Very Satisfied Customer

Just made the brisket yesterday...beautiful excellent meat cuts and quality