Pickled Pork 1.5kg

1.5 kg
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Delicious fresh New Zealand Pickled pork that has been brined which adds flavour and moisture. Whether it is cooked in the crockpot or in a big saucepan in the kitchen, there is no better Kiwiana meat treat than pickled pork.

100% New Zealand pork, you can be confident that it comes from pigs born and raised to the world’s high animal welfare standards using sustainable farming practices.

Cooked slowly or perfect for a slow cooker it is an economical cut that's ideal to have on hand in the fridge to make sandwiches or to enjoy hot or cold with hot mashed potatoes, vegetables or salad.

How do you slow cook a pickled pork? 
  1. Place pork, vinegar, bay leaves, peppercorns, and sugar in 4.5-litre (18-cup) slow cooker; add enough of the water to barely cover pork. Cook, covered, on low, 8 hours.
  2. Carefully remove pork from cooking liquid; cover, stand 10 minutes before slicing. Discard cooking liquid.

Customer Reviews

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Jeff Pickford
Pickled Pork

Slightly over cooked in slow cooker so fell apart when carving but still extremely tasty. Will definitely buy again.

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Best pickle pork around

I use this cut when doing my boil up along with a packet of Maggi potato and leek soup or bacon soup. More juicy, succulent meat, and no messy bones to clean up. A win-win all around. I pop the slow cooker on last thing at night, and we wake up to a yummy Sunday morning kai! This pickled pork has been an absolute game changer for my boil up.

Linda B
Pickled pork

Have ordered this a few times now, always delicious & now in a larger piece.


I tried this for the first time recently. Cooked it the same way I do silverside in the crockpot, bay leaves/peppercorns/vinegar/brown sugar, except I substituted the water part with chicken stock liquid and it was amazing.


Perfect for that hassle free Sunday Dinner.
A must buy & try.