A Guide To Cooking The Perfect Roast

A Guide To Cooking The Perfect Roast

Nothing beats a roast. If you can make one well, you can cook for a big group of people. Perfect for special occasions, Christmas or even just a Sunday. Roasting is one of the simplest cooking methods. You set the temperature, place the meat or veggies in the oven and let it do its thing. With this in mind, how do you ensure a perfect roast every time? We’ve put together our top tips for cooking a roast.

Oven temperature

Meat: The correct oven temperature differs depending on what you are roasting. With meat, smaller cuts prefer a higher heat of above 200°C and larger roasts prefer a lower to medium heat of 160°C to 190°C. High heat cooks the outside quicker than the inside, so on large cuts the outside would burn and the inside would remain uncooked. 

Veggies: Vegetables prefer being cooked at a medium temperature of around 190°C as this internal water evaporates whilst keeping the flavour locked inside. 

How do you like it cooked?

Everyone liked their red meat cooked differently. Some like it rare, some like it well done. There’s no right or wrong answer to how you like yours cooked but finding out what works best with different cuts is crucial. Here’s how to achieve your preference by hitting an internal temperature of:

Rare: 45-50ºC

Medium rare: 55-60ºC

Medium: 60-65ºC

Well done: 70-75ºC

Cooking tips

  1. Brown the meat first by frying at a high heat first. This will improve flavour, especially with very lean cuts.
  2. Basting isn’t absolutely necessary. Some people believe this is a key step in roasting meat but constantly opening the oven door allows heat to escape and prevents the meat from properly browning. Try basting less frequently.
  3. Allow the meat to rest for 15 minutes after taking it out of the oven. This is essential to retain the juices and allow the fibres to remain tender.
  4. Use fragrant herbs and spices with cooking for extra flavour; garlic, rosemary, thyme, meat rubs, etc.

The other top trick of creating a scrumptious roast? You’ve guessed it; tasty, lean meat. Buy restaurant-quality beef, lamb, pork and chicken meat meant for roasting from Online Meats today. Choose the cut and quantity you want for a great price and get cooking this weekend. When it comes to roasts, practice makes perfect, and there’s nothing more satisfying than cooking a great dish for friends and family.

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