Meet The Team at Online Meats- Adele Murphy

Meet The Team at Online Meats- Adele Murphy

Introducing Adele who is a part of JR Wholesale Meats, E- Commerce Manager and the champion for Online Meats.

She brings a strong focus on product quality and customer service ensuring that the products going out to customers are of the highest quality.

Managing all aspects of Online Meats from presentation of the website, social media marketing and special pricing through to managing her team, she ensures each order and product meets her exacting standard and is packaged and sent with the customer in mind.

Adele has a long history in performance management and production operations that allow her to operate seamlessly in the operation and e-commerce sector. Her commitment to end to end customer service and quality have enabled Online Meats to become a major player in the online fresh meat market, providing customers with restaurant quality meat cuts, prepared today for them to enjoy tonight.

On line, On time, On budget.