Our Sustainable Methods To Delivering Meat | Online Meats

Our Sustainable Methods To Delivering Meat | Online Meats

Our sustainable methods to delivering meat

At Online Meats we do what we can to promote sustainability. One of the ways we do that is with all aspects of how we deliver. We are proud to partner with Urgent Couriers which is New Zealand’s first carbon-neutral delivery service. They ensure same-day delivery within Auckland if you order before 6 am Monday to Friday, orders over the weekend are delivered on Monday. If you live outside Auckland, deliveries are from Tuesday to Friday. 

Urgent Couriers have been sinking their teeth into food delivery, as specialists, for over six years. Sustainability has played a significant part in setting the company's direction.

It’s not just how we deliver our products but what packaging we use to deliver them that matters. Our cardboard cartons can be recycled and reused.  We’ve also joined forces with Woolpack to become a Planet Protector. When you order meat from us, you’ll find something woolly in your delivery box. That will be the award-winning, environmentally responsible, innovative insulation packaging solution made from 100% sheep’s wool, chosen specially to protect your food. It is recyclable, sustainable, compostable and is the first viable alternative to polystyrene and other unsustainable insulation packaging solutions that not only thermally outperforms them.

The Woolpacks are designed for retaining moisture, making them multifunctional. For this reason, you can cut them to size, add them to the top of your pot plants and help your plants flourish - as well as a whole host of other uses. Being biodegradable, when they get a little worn, simply add them to your compost and cut out a new one. They also make great weed matting. 

Finally, our packaging includes ice packs to keep the fresh meat chilled and in perfect condition until it reaches you. Reuse these ice packs for picnics, barbecues and chilly bins whenever you need and then simply refreeze. To dispose of them just cut them open, pour the water out and place the plastic wrapper in your recycle bin. 

With sustainability at the heart of Online Meats and working with our partners, we are continually trying to lower our Carbon Footprint and reduce our waste. Choose between our beef, lamb, pork and poultry to receive restaurant-quality and competitively priced products freshly delivered to your door with Urgent Couriers’ carbon-neutral delivery service. 

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