Crunchy Beef Salad

Crunchy Beef Salad

Want something refreshing for this burning hot weather? Try this low-carb fresh salad with stir-fried beef and crunchy vegetables! The juicy beef and refreshing vegetables are just the perfect combination for the summer! Spend more time outdoor and less time in the kitchen with this quick recipe for a busy weekday lunch or a weekend picnic.


500g Beef Stir-Fry

2 tsp. soy sauce

3 tbsp. oil

1 medium-sized carrot

1 medium-sized cucumber

2 capsicums (2 different colors)

1 cup of cherry tomato, halved

1 cup of sliced Lettuce

1 cup of bean sprouts

1 cup of round green beans, stalked

2 tbsp. Sweet chilli sauce

½ lemon, juiced

Coriander leaves *optional


Marinade the beef stir-fry with the soy sauce and leave aside for 10 minutes.

Heat the oil in a pan, and stir fry the beef until just cooked. Leave aside to cool.

Poach the round green beans in boiling water for 2 minutes, drain and leave aside to cool.

Grate or slice the carrot, cucumber and capsicum.

Mix the sweet chilli sauce and lemon juice, this will be the dressing for the salad.

Mix all the ingredients and toss lightly with the dressing.

Garnish with more bean sprouts and coriander if desired.


If some carbs are preferred, vermicelli or quinoa could be added to the salad.

If round beans are not available, other beans such as edamame and snow pea will be a good substitute.