Pig Care Accredited Pork

Pig Care Accredited Pork

Most of you will be asking yourself, what exactly is Pig Care Accredited Pork and what does it mean for you as a consumer? Simply put, it means that all the pork products we sell are from pigs that remain free from added growth hormones and unnecessary antibodies, raised on New Zealand farms under world-class welfare standards.

When you purchase meat products you are essentially voting on which farming and animal care practises you support. It may feel overwhelming to take into account all the factors when purchasing food, but especially with meat products, you can make a big difference. Currently, over 60% of pork products are imported into New Zealand. If a pork product says “Made in New Zealand from imported and local ingredients” on the packaging, then it is most likely made from imported pork. 

Our pork is compliant with New Zealand’s stringent food safety standards. The New Zealand pork industry is proud to produce high-quality food for all New Zealanders. That means all the pork that is imported is not required to meet New Zealand’s welfare standards. An astounding percentage of imported products come from countries that permit farming practices that impact animal welfare and are illegal in New Zealand.

While most imported pork ends up in bacon, ham and small goods, a growing amount is also sold chilled at retail. It is cheaper due to the lower welfare standards which reduce the costs of farming. As the volume of imported pork increases, the New Zealand pork industry will continue to struggle to compete with cheap imports unless you, the consumer, choose to support Born and Raised in New Zealand PigCare™ certified pork.


  • All our pork products are Pig Care Accredited
  • The pigs used are raised under world-class welfare standards
  • Buying important meat means you may be supporting poor quality animal welfare practises
  • Support the NZ pork industry now to make a difference
  • Imported pork from many countries still use gestation stalls to house pregnant sows. This is banned in New Zealand. Some sows in New Zealand may be housed in mating stalls for up to 7 days per reproductive cycle.
  • Pigs from PigCare™ certified farms are not castrated. Some 

countries that import pork in New Zealand are allowed to castrate piglets without 

Buying products marked with the PigCare™ means local consumers can be sure the 

animals have been born and raised in New Zealand with an assurance of animal 

Welfare, so buy your pork from Online Meats today.