Can you refreeze meat?

The bad news is summer is over. The good news is that we like to think of august and winter as food season. Most of us crave hot, hearty meals and rich goodness in the form of red meat, poultry, game; gravy and roasted veggies. This means the majority of us will have more meat in the house than usual and, from time to time, will be freezing it - raw or after it is cooked. To help you navigate the what tos and what nots of freezing meat, we offer this guide focused on the question of whether you can or cannot refreeze meat.

Can you Refreeze Meat?

We constantly hear people saying you can’t but, in fact, refreezing defrosted meat can be done safely. Though below we will explain how to do so safely, it is worth noting that this can detract from the quality of the meat and if done incorrectly can be unsafe to eat.

There are a handful of things that occur when refreezing meat. Refreezing can result in a loss of moisture which dries out the meat. Oxidation is when electrons are transferred from one atom to another. With meat, this can affect quality in taste and smell.

The rules are; it is okay to refreeze defrosted meat as long as it was thawed in the refrigerator running at 5°C or below. This ensures the temperature is kept in a stable zone in which dangerous microorganisms do not grow.

It is also safe to cook defrosted meat and refreeze. This is good for meal prep and cooking in advance for lunch at work. Make sure to refreeze once the meal has stopped steaming as this can lead to condensation in closed containers. Water pooling can help contribute to microbial growth which can cause food poisoning. 

Hot Tips

Beef: Freezing for a shorter amount of time is best for retaining meat quality.

Chicken: After defrosting you may notice some meat shrinkage due to lost moisture.

Lamb: Deep freezing lamb preserves the quality better than at normal freezing temperatures.

Pork: Freezing and defrosting pork can lead to some discolouration and have a detrimental effect on meat tenderness.

So, although refreezing can be done safely, we recommend cooking meat when fresh is the best way to ensure high-quality and nutritious meals every time. By ordering meat from us, you can expect restaurant quality freshness each and every time. Order now online.